Adresse: Havnevein 7, 7652 Verdal

Telefon: 74 07 40 00

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The company has developed a special competence in engineering and building large steel constructions and steel substructures (jackets) for the offshore oil industry. With 30 jacket deliveries since 1975, Kværner has established a leading position in this area. The steel jacket weight ranges from 1.000 up to more than 20.000 tonnes, and have a height ranging from 70 to 215 meters.
Since Aker Verdal was established in 1970 it has also delivered a wide range of floating and fixed installations to the oil industry in the North Sea. A total of 10 semi-submersible platforms of Aker H3 and H3.2 design was built in the period 1973 to 1982. Furthermore, a wide range of modules and decks, sub-sea templates, bridges, flare towers and a loading buoy have been delivered.
Nearly 730 employees represent a multitude of variety in age, know-how, gender and culture. This composition secures quality in decision making, contributes to innovation and yields higher productivity.